Presto Venture Marketing, Inc.

Presto Venture Marketing is a marketing firm that derived from the internal marketing efforts of Presto Property Services and Presto Restoration Products.
Over the past decade, the latter two companies spent millions of dollars on various marketing campaigns using different methods such as: newspaper, radio, direct mail, cold calls, trade shows, professional association memberships, magazine ads, public relations, door-to-door marketing, and countless others.
With each marketing campaign analysis, it remained clear that 90% of the non-referral business came from the company's online presence in organic Internet searches.  Until recently, this marketing strategy represented 10% of each company's advertising budget.  No longer.  Today, Presto corporations are where the customer is -- online.
Even in the current economic climate, Presto has managed to consistently draw interest in its companies through Internet based searches, and convert these leads into sales.  

Presto is proud to announce that any service company can now use our marketing strategy to increase their marketing reach.

Invest in service-industry businesses through management of their online presence in order to apply our time-proven Internet marketing strategies that will attract new customers and increase revenue. 

We are a venture marketing firm that invests in service-industry businesses.

We manage each individual company's online presence by applying our time-proven Internet marketing strategies to their service portfolio in order to attract new customers and increase revenue.

We work with companies that want to acquire new customers through major search engines.  We then invest our own money to create a website that attracts potential customers.  We use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to enhance online presence, and increase lead volume.  We want your company to appear online at the exact moment customers are looking for the exact services you offer!
Unlike traditional pay-per-call or search engine marketing companies, Presto Venture Marketing wants to build a long-term partnership, based on much more than passing leads through the Internet.  We vow to generate new business and provide each company with quality leads.
This is a risk free partnership for our clients, since we provide the upfront marketing and SEO work free of charge. 
Through custom website design, and unique layout strategies, we cut down on the number of clicks a user has to make in order to gain the information they need.  Your customers have already been online searching for a service provider.  Now they need to talk to someone!
We encourage customers to establish phone contact with your company instead of continuing to search online.  Direct phone sales require less time to convert the lead into a customer and keeps the customer from becoming distracted by another competitor's online offering.

Once a potential customer calls, this gives your sales force an opportunity to listen to the customer's exact needs, and tailor a custom response over the phone.  No more generic emails or webpages. Clients deserve one-on-one treatment, that is what the service industry is all about.

We enhance your web presence and provide an easy to find phone number which is forwarded directly to your phone. When a call is forwarded to your company as a result of our marketing efforts - that's a lead! Keep in mind that you are never charged for incoming phone calls from vendors or solicitors.

  1. Create an online marketing presence, including a website with improved content and design
  2. Enhance your company's visibility on the Internet so that when potential customers seek the services you offer, your website can be found immediately
  3. Forward new business directly to your phone
Please contact us to explore a partnership with Presto Venture Marketing.